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Content Creator

From Photos of you beautiful wedding or managing you Motorsports page HazzaMedia is you content creator and Helper! 

its no secret that i have a passion for cars and speedway and things that go fast. But! do not be scared to ask me to take photo of your baby, weddings and 21st Party's i enjoy what i do and will do anything to please you the client.

  • Motorsport Team/driver Social Media Management
  • Team Photos
  • Car Photos
  • Video of Team/Drivers
  • Event Coverage



Sim Racing

another passion i have is virtual racing or Sim Racing. Me and Fellow Friend Breyton manage a 20+ Professional Sim racing team and also put on events for over 500+ members that are in out community. 

So why is this in my services cause this is what i can offer.

  • Video for Sim Racing Team/Events
  • Team Photos    
  • Livery For team cars and personal car

And finally i can offer my expertise in sim racing equipment, and also installation of it and setup of games software and list long of helpful tips. i have done installation for Mike Whiddett(MadMike), Speednation.co.nz and many Friends and family.

Any Question please do contact me


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My clients


My clients range from ordinary people to major business like Vodafone Speedway, BSL Racing and D1NZ. i have countless people i have done videos for Breyton Davison upcoming midget driver, Jonathan Allard international Sprintcar driver And Mad Mike Whiddett Drifting Superstar and also his son Lincoln.